Atlanta Based Wedding Videography

As wedding videographers based in Atlanta, GA we have produced hundreds of wedding films in almost every major venue in the surrounding area.  Through this experience we have built trusting relationships with top notch wedding professionals.


We use 3 Canon EOS Cinema cameras along with a collection of Canon L-Series lenses to capture a beautiful sharp image.  With dual card recording, your wedding footage is duplicated while shooting to further protect your memories from card corruption.  Pro audio for your wedding film is recorded directly from the band or DJ for high quality capture of your toasts along with tiny lavalier mics to record ceremony and vow audio.

Oh yea, we also have a drone.


Please use the contact form below to inquire with us.  Feel free to also contact us by phone at 770.680.0665.   Thank you!


Atlanta Area and Destination Wedding Videographers

Atlanta based wedding videographers serving Georgia, surrounding states, and south east weddings.  Some of our other popular locations include Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.